About Me

Horses have been my passion since the day I was born and now I’m fortunate enough to live my dream every day! Let me tell you a little about my journey, the goals I hope to accomplish, and how I can help achieve your dreams with your horses.


I was in love with horses since the moment I was born. Every toy I had, every birthday party, and every picture I drew had to have a horse. My love was not easily satisfied because I was born in the heart of Miami, FL surrounded by main roads and without a horse in sight. After years of begging and sporadic horse lessons I finally coaxed my parents into sending me to lessons at age 10, and by age 15 I was given my very first horse. Buzzy was a green 4 year old appendix (TB x QH) with a lovely disposition and mild temperament. Buzzy and I began our journey together hoping to specialize in jumping but it became apparent that both of us had holes in our foundation and lacked experience to teach each other. My parents did not have the resources to hire a trainer and board and take lessons so they sought out to find an alternative solution. That is when we found Parelli Natural Horsemanship and my future with horses changed forever. Since then I have attended university, apprenticed under some excellent horsemen and women, and managed horse care at Cornerstone Horse Farm (a horse boarding facility in TN) where I trained horses and gave horsemanship instruction.


Since 2004, I have immersed myself in the natural horsemanship material in theory and in practice. I have played with countless horses, mostly “difficult cases”, developing my skills as a foundation trainer. Most of my education was self directed, but I have had some pivotal training and experiences at the Parelli Fast Track (a month long intensive course on the Parelli campus), as an apprentice with 3 star Parelli Professional and Horse Development Specialist, Fawn Anderson, for 3 months. In addition to natural horsemanship education, I have also studied jumping and dressage. I received jumping instruction from local hunter/jumper barns in the Miami area (including Hunting Horn Stables) and my classical dressage training was under head trainer, breeder and owner of Imperial Andalusian Farm, Mary Beth Klock Perez. I am a self proclaimed lifelong student, continuously seeking education to achieve excellence with the horses and students. My current personal studies include Dressage, Naturally by Karen Rohlf. Every new topic I take on is studied and experimented with on my very own horses before integrating my personal learning experiences into training. In addition to my horsemanship education, I graduated from the University of Miami with a B.B.A., majoring in Entrepreneurship.

Training Philosophy

Although I AM NOT CERTIFIED WITH ANY TRAINING METHOD, I do believe in the principles of natural horsemanship as outlined by the Parelli horse training program. They are as follows

  • Horsemanship is natural.
  • Don’t make or teach assumptions.
  • Communication is two or more individuals sharing and understanding and idea.
  • Both horses and humans have mutual responsibilities in a true partnership.
    • Horses Responsibilities
      1. Act like a partner, not a prey animal
      2. Maintain gait
      3. Maintain direction
      4. Watch were you are going
    • Human’s Responsibilities
      1. Act like a partner, not a predator
      2. Have independent seat, feet, and hands
      3. Think like a horse
      4. Use the natural power of focus
  • The attitude of justice is effective.
  • Body language is the universal language.
  • Horses teach humans and humans teach horses.
  • Principles, purpose, and time are the tools of teaching.

With these principles, an understanding of the prey/predator dilemma and ability to see the horse’s point of view, all horse “problems” can be solved without the use of intimidation, force, or mechanical devices. Also essential to my training philosophy, and that of the Parelli program, is foundation before specialization. All too often horses are asked perform a sport when the absolute basic responsibilities of both horse and rider cannot be performed. This is where I am able to step in and fill in the holes with an understanding of the sport specific goals, and healthy biomechanics, you and your horse are working towards. There are many talented professionals in every discipline that can “finish” and polish a horse, but my specialty is starting and developing young horses with a solid foundation so that specialization training is easy and seamless, giving the horse the best chance possible under the demands of their sport.

For those not interested in sport specific training, foundation training and horsemanship instruction can take your relationship with your horse to the next level! The principles and foundation is the same regardless of what you choose to do with your horse. I desire for my horses and students to have the mental, emotional and physical fitness it takes to ride off in open fields without a bridle in perfect harmony. Isn’t that the dream every horse lover imagines? I’m here to reassure you that the dream can be a reality and I would love to help you on your journey with your horse. I do not guarantee quick results because, like any relationship, the results rely on dedication, commitment, rapport, communication, and consistent leadership which take time to develop and a moment to break.


Like my clients, I have horsemanship goals I strive towards as well. First, I strive to expand my foundation training everyday so that my partnership, communication, leadership and lightness (as outlined by Dressage, Naturally) with my horse becomes better and better on the ground and under saddle. I also have goals of developing a number of very well rounded English sport horses, with an emphasis on dressage and healthy biomechanics, from the foundation stages through sport specific training. And finally I plan to compete with integrity always keeping the horse and its needs first. Although my path has been a bit unconventional, it has led me to become a student of the horse. I promise to myself, my clients, and my horses that I will always assume the posture of a humble student thirsty to learn and grow. With this mentality I will not get stuck or frustrated with any horse or student, keep my ego at bay, and experience the endless possibilities available to those who are willing to experiment and investigate. I hope that you will trust me with your horse and education as I treat every student, both horse and human, with integrity and dignity, keeping their needs and time table first which will lead to lasting results.