Horse Training:

$450 per month, multiple horse discounts available, usually a 3 month minimum (flexible depending on goals and horse’s ability/skill level). Horse training can be any of the following detailed types of training Pre-saddle training, Colt starting, Restarting and Problem Solving. If you are interested in hearing about what other’s have experienced with my work and passion, check out my testimonials

Pre saddle training: Designed for babies through 3 years old to teach the following…

    • Halter training
    • Yielding to pressure
    • Softness
    • Basic directional yields
    • Trailer loading
    • Vet and farrier prep
    • Desensitization
    • Imprinting and halter training for new born foals
    • Most flexible of the training options and only $375 per month!

Colt starting: Designed to introduce a horse to its first 60 rides (usually a 3 month minimum and can vary from horse to horse) and accomplish the following…

    • Accept the human
    • Accept the rider
    • Accept the saddle
    • Accept the bit
    • Maintain the 4 responsibilities of a horse
      1. Act like a partner and not a prey animal
      2. Maintain gait
      3. Maintain direction
      4. Watch where you’re going
    • Basic directional yields
    • Walk, trot and canter
    • Arena riding and trail riding

Restart and problem solving: Designed to find and fill foundational gaps in horses that have the following vices…

    • Bolting
    • Bucking
    • Kicking
    • Biting
    • Head shy
    • Won’t take bridle or saddle
    • Spooking
    • And many more

Performance fundamentals: Designed to take horses and advance their foundation according to their sport specific goals. Some of the training goals include…

    • Lateral yields (leg yield, haunches in, shoulder in)
    • Positive contact with the reins
    • Accessible stretching of the top line on the ground and under saddle
    • Cavalletti and grid work
    • Variation within gaits
    • Conditioning of muscles to carry weight on the hind end
    • Cross rails, low jumps and jumping gymnastic exercises
    • Seamless transitions
    • Lead departures and simple changes

Horsemanship Lessons:

$65 per hour private lesson

$60 per hour with a package of 4 lessons

$55 per hour with a package of 8 lessons

$50 per hour/per person semi private lesson (maximum of 3 students per lesson)

Horsemanship lessons are designed to give students a well rounded education including…

    • Horse behavioral psychology
    • Teaching students HOW to teach their horses
    • Ground work and pre ride preparation
    • Respect, impulsion and positive bio-mechanics under saddle
    • Problem solving skills and techniques
    • Balanced seat and independent hands
    • Western and English riding
    • A great partnership and foundation with you and your horse no matter what you do together