Denise Harris

What a great decision I made in sending Lil' Mac to Lianne. I sent my pony, Lil' Mac, to be trained by Lianne. He was never really "started" by his former owners -- they just jumped on him and cowboyed him through the game classes. So he had one basic direction and one speed -- and a very high, tense headset. After three months with Lianne, Lil' Mac came back with the ability to move in any direction with the slightest cue, a great and relaxed headset, variable speeds at all gaits and a far more receptive and relaxed demeanor. He went from being a pony that no one wanted to a pony that is the envy of my barn. Lianne achieves these great results without resorting to the hard handed tactics of many trainers. So in addition to being a trained pony, my Lil' Mac is a happy pony who trusts his rider and does everything possible to please. What a great decision I made in sending Lil' Mac to Lianne.

Tanya Statum, Horsemanship Student

I learned more from Lianne in one week than I ever did in months of lessons with other instructors. She is an absolute jewel! Having never been around horses before and starting riding lessons at the age of 41, needless to say, I didn't have the knowledge in what to look for in an instructor. My first student experience was with instructors where the running theme was being yelled at with "more leg, LEG!" I knew there had to be more to it, but being such a newcomer, I didn't know exactly what it was I was looking for. Then I met Lianne and her instruction was exactly what I needed. Her focus on getting the foundation right from the beginning using natural horsemanship techniques - is in my opinion the only way to really learn how to ride. She is an excellent teacher. Patient and dynamic and very wise beyond her years, I only wish I found her sooner!

Mary Ann Kennedy, Horse training client and Horsemanship student

I HIGHLY recommend Lianne as a colt starter, or even the more difficult task of dealing with troubled makeover horses. Not only is she gifted with knowledge, she is continuing to learn from her mentors and has almost a 6th sense for horses, and a ton of heart. I rescued a little mare "Callie" as a neglected little 4 yr old. She knew very little and was over reactive to pressure of any kind. I practiced my Parelli Natural Horsemanship methods over a couple years and we came a long way, but when the riding part started, I knew I needed help. She was so very tight and had a tendency to bolt. A Right Brain Extrovert, she was too much for 2 fine horsemen I hired to help me with her as well. David Lichman met her and helped assess in February 2012, he started us on more ground work to help her with her flight issues. The HEAD DOWN on line lessons and flanking lessons got us on the right track, then I found Lianne during the summer of 2012 and knew she was the one to help Callie overcome the rest of her issues and heal her. Basically I felt it was her last shot. Lianne’s sense of horsemanship is some of the best I have ever experienced, she stuck with her in a totally natural approach creating situations for Callie to experience pressure, then come down off it quickly, learning to accept the human in deeper ways. The transformation to "trust" and a soft willing little horse was the result. I will continue lessons with Lianne when I can! I have worked with many fine Parelli Horsemen and other natural horsemanship teachers, and I can say, amazingly, for her years, Lianne is one of the best I have witnessed and experienced!

I would not hesitate to have Lianne start another horse for me. I had the pleasure of meeting Lianne at a time when I had a young horse that needed her first rides and I didn't have time to do it... Lianne spent a month with her and I was able to observe every day. I could not be happier with how she handled my youngster during this important stage. She was confident, clear, calm and thorough, and the horse had a great experience. Even though I had the luxury of observing every day, I would feel very confident to have left my horse alone with her.

Lianne is one of the best natural horsemanship instructors I have had the opportunity to take lessons from. She has shown me how to ask more from my horses & get to their minds & consequently their bodies, keeping relaxation & confidence in all of us. I think my body language improved tremendously under Lianne’s teaching & my horses look happier & more respectful because of it. I only wish she hadn’t moved so that I could continue training with her regularly.